December 27, 2008

White Christmas - a day late!

The Christmas cake turned out spectacular this year. I love the crisp, detailed bundt mold I found last year. Christmas day was spent out in the Ghost Town of Gleeson AZ with my Sister. She now owns the old 1800's jail and is restoring it. My G'kids think that is cool - a Great Aunt that owns a jail!

Brrrr ... Yesterday afternoon it got dark and then we got sleet, snow and frigid temps. It's a bit early for our area of Arizona to have 25 degree weather with the white stuff. The nice thing is that the sun is out and it's already starting to go away. So we almost had a White Christmas.

It's a bit late to post trip photos, but I did want to share this find from the Windmill Museum in Lubbock Texas.

I found it fascinating that the birds could even work with the stiff pieces of wire plus barbed wire.

Enjoy what's left of 2008.
Did you know it'll be leap second year?

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  1. Oh god, I'm terrible...I want to weave more wire into the nest and add beads...