March 16, 2009

Rescue Kitty - update

Thank all of you for your concerns and helpful information for the abandoned cat. The Tombstone Animal Shelter is a no-kill volunteer shelter and is listed on the petfinder website. I tried contacting previous owners and basically got told, don't bother them with such things they had more important problems. I may be wrong, but I'm involved as the cat has literally moved in here.


  1. Now there are some people who should be blacklisted at pet stores and animal shelters across the country. The cat is better off without them after all.

    I know you don't do the right thing like this with any expectation of reward, but there will be karma points for you for cleaning up their mess.

  2. It's a hard decision, but a smart one. If you look in your second photo about the house fire, you can see the cat escaping to your house by the fence. Poor kitty. He made his get-away.