March 13, 2009

Sample Shopping & Cats

I was in Lowe's today and noticed these great free samples. The window covering samples looked like they might be great for scrap booking or as a beaded back ground. I was thinking about counter topping when I picked up the granite-looking laminate samples. However, if I was going to do another Bead Journal project they might also make beautiful backing for a series of bead embroidered pieces. Has anyone else noticed the craft value in the many samples that can be found in home improvement stores?

Isn't she a beautiful cat? Unfortunately her owners didn't think so. After the fire next door the family found somewhere else to live. They didn't bother to come collect their cat and nobody has been back to feed her either. She decided that my back porch was a safe place to sleep. I finally went and bought some cat food. After a couple of days of being very wary and not letting me get too close she decided I was alright and climbed up in my lap tonight, purring away. Now I need to find a home for her as I can't manage a cat with my travels across the country every 6 months. As a last resort, I'll take her to the Tombstone Animal shelter. Tombstone already has too many feral cats and I can't bear to leave another one to fend for itself. People who are not responsible for pets are one of my biggest pet peeves.


  1. That's a beautiful cat! It's very sad indeed how disposable pets are to some owners. If you can't find a home for her, I would suggest dropping her off at a vet office or animal rescue. They'll make sure she will be adopted by someone who cares. Unless the shelter is a "no kill" shelter, she only will have a short time before they will put her down. That would be a shame. Hope it will all work out for that little sweety!

  2. Tombstone is a "no-kill" animal shelter.

  3. Home improvement stores are dangerous for me, I keep wanting to bring home paint samples, tile samples, anything else. My brain starts churning, saying to me "there must be something cool to do with this". Whether I get an actual idea or not.

    What a sweet kitty! I hope things work out for her.

  4. Have you talked to the owners? They may be thinking she perished in the fire.
    Cats hide when they're scared and the family may not have found her.

  5. Anonymous9:26 AM

    Cats are very adaptable and can learn to travel in a carrier. If you like her, consider doing this. If you are visiting people on your way and they are adaptable, you can set up a her litter/food/water in a closed room. She won't mind as long as you are around occasionally.