April 7, 2009

Spring in Tombstone

I know Spring is here in the desert when the Oriels migrate through and stay for a week or so. They have been raiding the hummingbird feeder along with the bees, ants, butterflies, hummingbird moths, woodpeckers and the hummingbirds! The Mesquites are leafing out, which the old timers say is a sign that the last frost is past.

I managed to find a few more 4 mm pink crystals and added another pass through the node beads on this bracelet. It looks a lot better with the puffs being fuller. This is something I just might wear as it is so early spring-looking. Now I'm thinking of a bracelet in Oriel colors with the fine spring colored Mesquite leaves.

I ordered some of the Toho permanent finish, galvanized seed beads. I'm still sceptical about just how permanent the finish really is, but so far they have out performed the old ones. I made a flat spiral bracelet with them and the finish didn't rub off on my acid skin as I was making it. I've always like the garish brightness of galvanized beads but had to give up using them for wearables as they just didn't hold up to any wear. Now I think I may order more of the colors. I've some ideas in my head of bright crayon colors and wondering how they would pair with matte opaque primary colors. Thinking very bright!


  1. I did a test with the permanent finish beads on a bracelet that I wore for several months. The finish has not faded. It's got the Bad Liz seal of approval.....