April 14, 2009

There Comes a Time ....

...to take a sabbatical. I need to put the beads away for 6 to 8 months and concentrate on organizing the underpinnings of my life. I've just spent 3 months on a building project in Arizona and have an even larger building project waiting for me in New Hampshire. I like change and will like having my own house in NH again. However, I find that I'm just not as flexible at 65 as I was at 30 and have to admit that I can't do it all at once anymore. When I leave Arizona later this month I'll put my beads in storage until I have a finished studio in the new house. I do know that ideas will be percolating and show up here now and again, but I'll probably be writing about construction more than beading for a while.

International Easter:

We went to my sister's place for Easter dinner with 20 assorted friends and family. Afterwards I realized that the deserts I made sort of crossed a few international borders.

I found this great tin of large German circle cutters at the flea market and had to try them out.

I made a Chilean sweet that was a favorite childhood treat whenever we went to the beach. Dulces de La Liegua are sweet cracker rounds stuck together with cooked sweetened condensed milk and covered with meringue.

About half way through putting them together I was sure I had made way to many. What a production chore with meringue smeared all over me as well as the dulces.

They were just as good as I remembered them to be.

To round out my contribution I made Nanimo bars, a sinful Canadian Christmas sweet and Hot Cross Buns, a traditional British Easter food.

Wasn't too many leftovers, so I guess my choices for the desert were well chosen.

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