September 24, 2009

Elm Ave update

Finally, something going back together. A good carpenter friend of mine made me lower cabinets when I couldn't find the very plain ones I wanted in any of the stores. Seems that here in the East everyone wants oak or other wood colored cabinets. I wanted 1940's metal cabinets but couldn't find any that fit the space or were in decent shape. This is the look I am going for in my kitchen. Must be a childhood comfort thing... you think?

This is what I started with .... all dark, fake wood paneling. Even at noon when the sun was out you had to turn on a light.

The cabinets went in yesterday and are in primer. My job is to fill nail holes and paint everything semi-glossy white.


What a big difference it makes. Now I'll be able to wake up to the coffee in a space that is bright, clean and cheerful. I've already started painting the other two walls of dark paneling a very light gray. Both the floor and the counter tops will be bamboo.

Now I wish I could replace my antique oak table with one of those retro red and chrome 50's kitchen table sets. That would look awesome in this kitchen.
Cross your finger for me that we'll be able to move in before time to leave for Arizona. The water problems set us back and this is where we should have been in July!

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  1. I remember those metal cabinets from my childhood. I think my mother told me that they were supposed to be rodent proof? Yuck! What a nasty thought! Yep, the retro table and chairs would look fabulous!