November 9, 2009


I'm finally seeing light at the end of this project
*floors going down*

The recycled click-together tiles in the bathroom are looking fantastic. I thought they would work, but until you see something like this in place you can never be quite certain.

I love the bamboo flooring. My Son said the whole effect was "upscale urban townhouse looking" - all of that in a very rural, little ranch house? He is putting the flooring down and threatned to throw me out when I tried to indulge my creative side. I was trying to arrange boards in a pleasing manner. He's right, random is easier and comes out looking just as nice.

Now comes the decision time:
What needs to be done so we can actually move in?
What can wait til next Spring?
I don't want to wait until we're snowed in before heading out for Arizona for the winter.


  1. Mary Anne3:31 PM

    We just put down new floors in the master bedroom (red oak) and bath (ceramic tile). I wasn't sure about the bamboo, but you found a great batch! And what are the bath tiles made of? They look really interesting.

  2. Random does look great on the floor, but it would have been cool to move from the lighter planks to the darker across the room. But, it would have been a PITA to do. Looks wonderful!