October 31, 2009

Careful what you wish for

Back in September I said,
" Now I wish I could replace my antique oak table with one of those retro red and chrome 50's kitchen table sets. That would look awesome in this kitchen."

I was semi-joking when I mentioned the table because because I'd only ever seen one red one for sale and it cost as much as half my beads. 1930's through 1950's anything in red seems to be popular and very expensive.
This was in the Salvation Army store in Concord NH today.
I hesitated.
I hemmed & hawed,
walked away and went back
to look again.
The table came home with me.
It really wanted to live in my yellow kitchen.
Now I need help. I need to find 4 to 6 chairs to go under it.


  1. How cool is that!! Now you need some stainless steel chairs with red seats...and you will have a perfect match. What at great find on Halloween.

  2. Williams and Sonoma catalog has some nice ones. My sister and I were searching for them last summer.

  3. AWESOME! If you find chairs, they can always be re=chromed if it's coming off. I wish I had the kitchen table from when I was a kid