June 12, 2010

Organize the Studio

Why do we collect??

Today an antique dealer came and took away a very small amount of things that I'd held onto (collected) for way too many years. When I downsized from the large house to the 750 sq. ft. apartment I got rid of a lot of things, but evidently kept way too many things as it was. My Mother-in-law's 12' X 25' hand tied rug was one overly large item that I had, my son stored for a couple of years, then my daughter had, and ultimately gave back to me. I guess I dreamed of a large rural, open loft that would have enough floor space for this rug. Reality set in when I moved into a 24'x 50' ranch house. It was time to part with the danged rug and the dreams of a loft. The reality was that any rural loft-type space would boil down to being a rough drafty old barn and most of those barns are attached to houses around here in the outback of New Hampshire.

Glassware, vintage glassware - oh it's pretty, it sparkles and is so clean looking . . . . I guess it's just like over sized glass beads. I filled this table 4 times and now it's gone to another home. It was hard to choose, but I kept a hutch full of my favorite pieces and things I thought I just might still put to use. I've always used my vintage glassware and still enjoy a glass of wine in my 1930's etched green and pink wine glasses. I can close my eyes and imagine myself as a svelte, swinging flapper with long swinging beads when I use those glasses.

Studio Reality . . .

Here's the why of getting rid of stuff.
The studio furniture just managed to fit on one wall today. Well, 1/8" of wiggle room was left. Whew, it did fit though. I learned an important lesson though - don't wait 30 years to clean out your huge Southern Pacific oak desk...... Talk about antiquated office supplies and other strange stuff in there. I now have 3 completely empty drawers and my kids can worry about the next clean out - I won't be here for that one. Now I need to find room for the stuff on top of the desk

and all of this stuff on the opposite wall. No closets here to hide things away as it's in the house's dining room.

Oh, and the beads & supplies are still in the trailer and need to come in!

...and this stuff that's currently on a table in the living room.

Maybe I'll have a functional studio soon - I sure hope so as I've got ideas and can't put my hands on a danged thing. And the kitchen is worse as I've already moved things around several times.

Almost a month back in New Hampshire and the place still looks like a hoarder's abode with paths between stacks of stuff. I don't mind a totally messy studio, but the rest of the house is another story.

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  1. I am due for a major clean out. I can't believe some of the beads and things I have kept over the last 15 years.