June 30, 2010

Some work * Some don't

Creative brain storms, that is . .

In February I bought these African vinyl record strands at the Tucson Gem Show. Amongst other things, I thought about trying a crocheted piece with them. A couple of strands got hung on the wall to just enjoy as they have a great visual appeal.

Thinking I needed a bit of space between each disk, I strung an 8/0 seed bead between each one.

Yes, I could crochet them into the tube . . . . however, I wasn't happy with the floppy, messy look of the result. The thinness of the disks combined with a center hole just didn't lend itself to a look that I could live with in a bead crocheted rope.

Before I took everything apart I took a good look at what I had on my thread. I think I'll make a couple of Summer stretchy bracelets for the younger set. I like the look of being able to see the edge patterns and get glimpses of the stripes in between.

It's a bit different, quite light weight, and sort of modern looking. I sent the idea on to a friend who is a polymer artist as it occurred to me that this might also work in that medium.

We're enjoying a couple of days of perfect NH Summer weather. The the daylilies are blooming, temps are around 70 degrees, big blue skies with a very slight breeze rustling the poplar leaves. This is one of the reasons I come back and spend Summers here in the East.

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  1. I always love when a blogger brings their readers into the design process...I love the simple look of the vinyl and seed bead idea...they would also be fun with a chain stitch or two between them...that is a great Tucson find!

    Robyn Hawk