July 19, 2010

progress - Encrusting

Same piece, different attempts to photograph it.

This combination of beads seems to defy getting a good photo. Two different backgrounds, several different lighting setups, including overcast outside lighting, and neither really shows what the actual piece looks like. Anyway, I've gone as far as I want with this tail end piece from NanC's workshop. Now I need to rummage through all of my beads to find colors and finishes that will make a complimentary bead crochet rope.

Interesting terminology:
NanC talks about Embellishing, which encompasses what I've done to the edge of this piece.

Then she differentiates that from Encrusting, which I've done to the lower section of the spiral by adding elements to the surface.

Does that make sense to you?

1 comment:

  1. How interesting that the beadwork shows up better on the patterned background. Usually I believe that the simpler the background, the better but that isn't true in this case. ah, the mysteries of photography.