July 4, 2010

Some Summer Beading

It's time to string up a bunch of bead crochet projects to take with you while you enjoy some of your Summer activities. Have something on hand while at the beach, lake, pic-nic, camping, family reunions, or anywhere you will be sitting for awhile.
To help you get going, I've put some complete project instruction sets on sale at Bead Patterns for a week - July 5 through July 11.

You might like to try:

Snazzy Chain Necklace - Item # 11943

A great fun necklace that can use up lots of leftover beads and isn't any more complicated than chain stitching with a crochet hook. These make the perfect, light weight necklaces to pair with Summer wear.

Wired Zipper Necklace - Item # 16664

This is a great way to showcase an Art Bead. It's a balanced asymmetrical design. The wired section catches on a zipper toothed, triangular section of the rope to hold things where you want them - yet is fully adjustable. It would also look great with black & white paired with a primary colored Art Bead.

Copper Queen Caterpillar Bracelet - Item # 16554

Start planning for Fall with this rich, elegant bracelet made with drop freshwater pearls and real copper beads.

Caterpillar Bracelet in Lentils - Item # 16554

This one is fun for Halloween. However, you could pick out any color lentils and pair them with gilt lined opal seed beads.

Here's one my friend Cathy Lee made in lavender and pink.

And .... here is an easy bracelet to try right now:

Use YLI Jean Stitch variegated thread and string about 42" of clear 8/0 seed beads. Crochet in 6-around. This will make about a 7 1/2" rope/bracelet.

The variegated thread shows through the beads, giving you bands of color. This is the earth tone thread, but it also comes in bright jewel tones as well.

Have fun trying some of these Summer into Fall projects - Bead Crochet is the most portable beading there is.

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  1. I just recently finished my first caterpillar bracelet - it was so much fun watching it take shape!

    I am definitely all about getting projects strung for trips - when I went out of town last weekend, I had the caterpillar I was working on and 3 projects ready to go :o)