September 21, 2010

Oh Dear . . .Peaches, Bead Book & Vacation

I'm feeling pushed. Somehow too many things have come down to needing to be done TODAY!I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow morning to go see the Bay of Fundy - be gone a week.

Meanwhile Laundry needs to be done, fridge cleaned out, mail put on hold for a week, suitcases packed, and sundry other life things. So, along comes a gift of another bushel of local peaches . . . they are not perfect and dead ripe. They also won't hold in the house for a week.

I gave away 2/3rds of them and still had a lot left. I spent yesterday evening making another batch of peach salsa and peach hot pepper jelly.

This morning I'm wondering if this peach hot pepper jelly will set up. If it doesn't I'll have to find a use for hot pepper syrup. Don't think it would be good over ice cream.

Bead Crochet eBook
I've hit a milestone in getting my "Triangular Bead Crochet Ropes" book done. The copy is off to the Editor and my layout person is expecting all of it on her desk the first week in October.

This is the other part of feeling pushed . . . I'm only 1/3 of the way done with all of the photos for the book. When I was supposed to be doing photography, I was dealing with peaches.

I hate being hurried as that is when you make mistakes and compromises you later regret. So I guess we'll see how far I get today between life's other chores.

I have some really great bead faeries. They help out by testing patterns and making samples. This is one of their samples. This is one of the projects and ropes in the eBook. Isn't this Triangle Twist bracelet a simple, beautiful color combination. It would also be great with coral and turquoise for the fall.

Hopefully the November 15th publication date is still a good one. I'll have definitive information here on the blog when the time comes closer.
Now back to work and hope I can cram it all into today's time frame. Then off to relax and look at the scenery driving north, up the coast of Maine, New Brunswick and into Nova Scotia.

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    Peach Hot Pepper Jelly on pancakes!

    Candys in Oklahoma Bead of My Heart