September 6, 2010

3rd Book Teaser

I think I've twisted my brain with this one. It's taken me three tries to work one bead bug out of it so that it's a smooth transition from triangle to twist all the way around and back again.... 3 different colored sides.

It's the last pattern page in the book and I was sure that it would do what I graphed it to do. That is until I woke up in the middle of the night and just had to string it one more time to make sure I didn't have a brain flip and get something wrong. I'd much rather be sure myself than have a book owner frustrated with a pattern that doesn't work because of my mistake.

These primary colors look neat and show off what's happening with this bead crocheted rope. However I can see it done with metallic base beads and maybe freshwater pearl drops. It would be an eye catcher, "how ever did you do that?" type of bracelet.

I'm still on schedule for an early November eBook publication. I have a great Editor making sure that the i's are dotted. My Graphics Gal has saved me layout time in October unless they come in first in a Korean Design contest. You'd think I had more pull with my daughter, the Graphics Gal!


  1. Did you say this bracelet is bead crochet? It looks like there's peyote stitch in it... Just asking because I really don't know! :) It's really beautiful and make me think "American flag theme" right away, especially if you used a darker blue.

  2. The beads lay like peyote, but this is all bead crochet done with hook, thread and beads.

  3. Thank you Judith... it's really neat, a unique and pretty design. Good luck with your book!!!

    Wish it were peyote though...then maybe I could do one too. :)