March 1, 2011


I was looking for something and came across these necklaces I did quite sometime ago. They are all made with recycled thrift store broken jewelry. I called them "Tesoros", Spanish for treasures.

With all of the re-purposed items showing up today I thought they might be interesting to some of you. Old costume jewelery or broken bits of things from your past can become alive once again.

Lightweight lucite or plastics, dyed wood and metalized plastic beads make the perfect Summer wear. Lord, knows I'm more than ready for Summer to usher itself in.

Start with a ready made second-hand store necklace; string through the beads, creating branch fringe that ends with odd beads, charms or other interesting pieces.

It's not what you use, but what you do with it that makes wearable art pieces.

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  1. Those are really wonderful! Creative and whimsical, colorful and clever!