April 3, 2011

What Next ~ Crochet, Wire, or Leather

I've had one sort of deadline or another for the past year. Now that all of my bits of paper from 2010 have been delivered to the CPA, I find myself deadline free. Yes, nothing hanging over my head to get done - no one waiting for me to finish something.

So what do I do now? Which of the many ideas tumbling around my head should be let loose? It's not for a lack of things, but an over abundance of ideas that has me stumbling around, looking for a direction. I pull out one thing, get sidetracked and pull beads for something else..... Then another idea surfaces and off I go in another direction.


Bead Crochet.....
Tails, scales and rings for bead crochet? I've lots of bits and pieces of interesting ideas in this area. Should I start fleshing them out with another Dimensional Bead Crochet Book in mind? . I can see an outrageous necklace with wire rings, glass rings and lots of bead crocheted rings. Plus, the rings would make beautiful toggles with a minor change or two.

I've also thought of doing an on-line necklace and inviting others to participate. Maybe it could be an 8/0 conglomeration of patterns that I could offer up in my Blog every week or month. Comments... would this appeal to anyone?

Then there is this mess on one work tray that's been floating around for the past 6 months. I started playing with wire, got a few things worked out that I like, and have just been adding interesting stuff to the tray for the past 5 weeks. I keep thinking I should put everything else aside and get the wire out of my system. I can't see this as being a permanent path to travel, but it would be nice to add elements in to other work here and there.


I made one leather and stone bracelet for a Grandson that was very well received. I do need to make 3 more bracelets; one for my son and 2 for the other Grandsons. I guess it's kinda, sorta a deadline as I head back for NH in about 5 weeks and I'll need them for gifts when I get there.

However I figure this would be just a weekend's project and then everything could be put away. I just need the will power to get it done. It's just not interesting beading once I figured out how to do it.

Meanwhile, Mother Nature has taken SE Arizona from Winter to Summer with a rush. It was in the mid-90's yesterday. The big freeze killed a lot of things in my yard that were 50 to 75 years old, so I don't have the usual things blooming. The humming birds disappeared completely. The Oriels are migrating through and finding it very slim pickings... no Aloe blooms, no cactus blooms, no ocatillo blooms. They wash up in the big water dish, look around and fly off.

Not complaining, just pondering what direction to take for the moment. Do I start another big project, or do I wander through some of the many possibilities?

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