August 3, 2011

Urban Stripes ~ 3nd Section

Railroad tracks, red stop lights, and orange traffic cones.... Squint your eyes in a city and you can see so many repetitive patterns, especially in the industrial sections. I tried to give this piece a bit of perspective as well. Although short, it does look like it has a vanishing point. I like it enough to consider using a variation for my second necklace. I do like wearing a triplet of these necklaces - comfortable and they get noticed!

With this third section designed and crocheted, the necklace is about at the half way point. Now I need to step back and think about further color use. The piece is designed to be doubled around the neck so I need to balance two heavy red/orange sections with more of a background color. I also want to introduce some angles that do not run parallel to the length of the rope. I guess it's off to the drawing board to see what I can come up with.

This is one of the first 42" necklaces I did. Tribal Stripes is available at Bead Patterns as a collection of patterns. I think you can see how the design and colors balance each other when the rope is doubled.

String-Along Progress

Urban means different things to different people. It's been very interesting to see those differences expressed in color and bead choices.
Terri seems convinced that the big Phoenix AZ dust storms influenced her colors. Southwestern cities are colored so differently than a large Eastern or Midwestern city.

Susan has used a muted palette and grayed down the crayon brights that I'm using. I look at it and can only think of a city in a fog. This is going to be a very subtle necklace

Peggy has added a lot of texture to the pattern work. She choose to pair different bead shapes to give her rope an added dimension. Bead Crocheted lariats were quite popular Victorian crafts. What a difference our wide and varied modern choice of beads makes.

Glitzy, sparklie, just like any Urban night life scene. Elisa's colors are so in-your-face bright and bold.

With 30+ participants, it's a wide range of Urban interpretation. Some people have had to dust off old crocheting skills, others are impatient for the next section, some are waiting for life to get out of the way so they can start, and many have agonized over color choices.

The overall feel of this project is having fun. It's also become a creative, brainstorming event on the FaceBook Group. It's nice to have a project like this where there are no time deadlines and no pressure to finish quickly. Beaders, in general, are a creative, supportive, and helpful group.


  1. Judith, could you post links to all the bloggers who are blogging about this? I don't know how to find out if anyone is blogging about the string along. I'm almost ready to post a picture. I must be on my 6 round of colors...still not happy, but calling it good :)

  2. P.S. I'll post on the Facebook group page to.