August 23, 2011

Urban Stripes ~ 6th Section

It's coming to an end.....

This is the last section of the 42" necklace we've all been working on for a month now. It's hard to think that there will be no more surprises in the email to string and crochet. It's been both a frustrating and very much fun journey.

Section #6 is a joining section. It finishes balancing things out and neatly joins up to the first section. I incorporates bits of the main colors and was designed to allow the participants to shorten or lengthen their pieces to a finished size that suits them.

When everyone finishes this, they will have a unique necklace to double around the neck and wear to town.

There are some changes I'd make if I was to do the whole necklace over again. Many of the participants did make changes, ripped out sections and changed things around. I couldn't take the time if I was to stay ahead of everyone. I am pleased with my results and have plans on making a second necklace completely from the Railroad section #3. It's impressive to wear two or three of these together. They always get noticed, even in the supermarket!

Color has been a hot topic throughout this whole process. We've all commented, offered choices, shared bead color IDs and bought more beads. It's always nice to know that you are not alone in seemingly never having the right colors.

Janice is a good example of one who couldn't make up her mind ..... used one color. Then turned around and tore it out and went with her second choice, lime.

We all agreed that the blue was nice, but the lime took her necklace from pretty to outstandingly Urban Chic.

What do you think?

Members Progress

Bev gave us all a great idea for the bracelet challenge. She doesn't like to do an invisible join and added these great copper discs to the bracelet. Isn't this a beautiful combination with the pattern?

Bev's color choices are always some of my favorites. She is one of my oldest beading friends and has always made my patterns look great. I like the light section she did and can see how it's going to look when doubled against the whole necklace.

Doreen's regal rope has become even more royal looking with the addition of the pumpkin color. I'm hoping she will continue with a bit of the same color in the last section.

What a difference different beads makes. Renate's bubble-looking beads gives the whole necklace a fun feel. This is going to go with so many different outfits.

Now to finish this project up with writing finishing ideas for all of the participants. There has been much discussion about to invisible join or not to invisible join. Then I'll need to re-format everything as I plan on issuing this as a pattern set for sale. A big round of Thanks needs to go out to all of the participants as they have really helped me refine what will go into the publication. I don't think they all realized that they would be Guinea pigs for me to practice on.


  1. Judith I really enjoyed working on this project. It was great seeing the different color combination. Thanks for helping me to expand my color horizons. I'll never feel stuck at the RR tracks waiting for the train to pass again. It will now be an opportunity to view art for my next project.

  2. I wish I'd been paying attention and gotten in on this. I love these ropes, and when I got rid of all my beady things I saved all my bead crochet stuff and the beads I wanted to use to do several ropes. I'll be looking forward to this pattern!

  3. I just finished my first bead crochet necklace. I've been following the Urban String, but didn't feel confident enough to participate. I wish I had.

    I have a question for those of you who are accomplished bead crocheters. I knit without having to watch what I'm doing. I can feel whether I'm knitting correctly with my fingers as I form the stitches. Can you bead crochet a rope without constant watching? Is that possible?