September 26, 2011

Urban Stripes ~ even more necklaces

If you missed out on the original String-Along project, you'll be able to catch up and crochet your own necklaces in a couple of weeks. The rough draft of the eBook has gone off to the Editor and if all goes well, will be published by October 15, 2011. It's 26 pages of Urban inspiration, bead colors, patterns and variations for 3 necklaces and one bracelet.

Here is what my finished ropes look like before being joined into seamless necklaces. I haven't finished them as it's easier to take photos of the parts when I can stretch them out. As one blog commenter said, "...this is beautiful trendy jewelery.. I love the ethnic touch with classics look."

Dolores finished her first Urban Stripes necklace with SoHo inspired colors. I really like the frosted effect.

Terri's Urban 2 necklace - she had to add in length to the last section because she did her set in size 11/0 beads.

Here is Terri's necklace set. Southwestern Urban colors that work quite well together.

No matter what size beads you use, most patterns work well at any scale.


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