September 19, 2011

Urban Stripes ~ More Finished Work

More of the participants have been finishing their Urban Stripes necklaces. Here is some more beautiful ropes for you to look at. Can you believe that these are all the exact same patterns?

Amy decided to use a clasp instead of muddling around with an invisible closure.

Sandy is heading towards Victorian Painted Ladies with the colors in her necklace.

Linda finished not one, but three necklaces as she didn't like some of her color combinations. I think all are keepers, but this one with the different finishes of olive beads is my favorite.

Linda's other combination

And a third from Linda

A few of the original participants have gone on to a second Urban Stripes necklace. I did a second necklace as a paid subscription. It is meant to complement the original necklace and worn with it.

Mary Anne, who's signature is crayon colors, has just finished this beauty. I can't wait to see the two necklaces together.

Meanwhile, I'm busily pulling all of the information and patterns from Urban Stripes into an eBook that will be a pattern set to make three of these necklaces as well as a couple of side trips using the patterns as bracelets. Hopefully by mid October it will be completed.


  1. I wish I joinned this project. Those necklaces look gorgeous!!!

  2. What wonderful work!

  3. Wow this is beautiful trendy jewelery..i love the ethnic touch with classics look..
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  4. Amzing works! Am absolutely distraught that I discovered this blog TOO LATE....Have bought the excellentPDF out of print book and am faithfully struggling through and ready to start a project....(my samples have begat samples!!!)...
    I understand that you will hope to publish this as a pattern in 2012 but being compulsive, that is a very long time to wait.....Any chance of you offering just the first section (which I guess have basic instructions) so I could get started on that??? Obviously very happy to pay for that.....
    Thanks and regards from the UK>