May 30, 2012

African Stripes String-Along

African Stripes will begin July 1st.  What will your first necklace color combination be?

Eight years ago I did a Tribal Stripes necklace when I was exploring patterns that run parallel to a bead crochet rope.  I've wanted to do a more in depth exploration of that theme for some time. I also wanted to give it a more contemporary look but still maintain an ethnic African feel.

 This String-Along will be two 50" seamless necklaces, each done in 5 to six sections over an 8 to 10 week time frame.  The String-Along participants will receive one (or even two) sections a week via email.  All will be asked to join a Facebook Group and share their inspirations, colors, and rope progress as well as comment, share and join in the Group progress.

That said, there really isn't any pressure to keep up or even finish the project.  It's your work and your decision on how you approach it.

The first necklace will be a mud cloth design in only two colors.  The second will be multicolored, drawn from African beadwork.

If you are a member of Pinterest, you can see some inspirational ideas on two boards.  Mine is here....  and another is here...
Otherwise, a Google search of images will give you something to work with.

Just be aware that I have only a vague idea of what the finished pieces will look like.  This is called a String-Along as I'll be designing a section, stringing it and crocheting  it.  We'll all find out together how the necklaces look as the weeks go along.  It's a string-along as you'll be stringing your sections right along with me.  There could well be an oops or two, but I'll try to see that they aren't big ones.


  1. I'm very excited and looking forward to it. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire process of Native Stripes. I will be watching for the sign up. Thanks again. -Marlene

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  3. Looking forward to the challenge. Let me know how to sign up!

  4. Most probably I wil lbe signing up for this one :)

  5. Marilyn Solberg9:31 AM

    Not sure I'm ready for this - but sounds awesome. Just looked at some African netting tube necklaces done ine 4 colors.

  6. Hi Judith, Wanting to try new techniques in beadwork . Can I signup too?

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