June 8, 2012

African Stripes Reminder

Registration opens
12 noon EDT on June 10, 2012
 I visited the African Village during the Tucson Gem Show back in February. It gave me so many ideas for an African inspired set of necklaces.  What great graphics and beautiful colors.  We're going to start with a Mud Cloth Necklace in just two colors and then do a Love Letter Necklace in seven colors.

My problem is choosing which two colors to work with for the first necklace.  I've done bracelet swatches with both black and white as well as brown and tan.  They both look great.  And then I'm thinking that later I may want one in turquoise and coral, and ...... so many bead colors!

Mark your calendar as the group is limited to just 40 participants.
I sure hope I get my AM's and PM's right for a scheduled blog post with the sign-up stuff as I won't be home when it starts.

FLYER with more information is here.....

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