December 20, 2012

December Blues

The beads are sitting on my work table, waiting to be put to use.  The colors are nice and bright in the sun coming through the back window.  However I've hardly been able to pick up a hook or needle for several months now. My joints have been rebelling, especially the hands and feet.  This is something that started in September and has been an on-again, off-again condition.
I started to work on a pair of snake patterns in bead crochet.  Here and there I've managed to crochet a couple of samples.  You see, I don't know when my inflamed joints will let me do something.  It comes and goes and can get rather painful.  The medical profession has ordered every blood test and x-ray they can think of. I'm coping, but that is about all. Getting an appointment with a specialist is proving difficult in Southern Arizona. So far all they have come up with is transient inflammatory arthritis.  

I wouldn't be mentioning this, except that I've been getting a lot of questions about what I'm doing, why I've been so quiet and when is the next String-Along.  All I can say is, "I don't know."  Some days even a keyboard is beyond my capabilities.

We have had a nice long run of delightfully warm, 70 degree sunshine.  However, the weather here in Tombstone AZ has now turned to winter.   It's been raining and it was snowing yesterday morning.  The woodpeckers and the curved bill thrasher are keeping me company. Every morning I watch them from my desk as they poke around the big dish.


  1. Oh Judith, I am so sorry to hear you are not feeling well and are having a difficult time getting help. Seems there is always "something" as we grow older. Just take care of yourself and know that we are thinking of you and how much you are appreciated--string along or no string along! Wishing you a good holiday. Warmest wishes, Marlene

  2. I hope you get some relief from the joint pain. My husband has lots of joint pain (also arthritis), and I witness how it affects his ability to do things he likes to do. I'm lucky -- when my gnarly fingers start to hurt (too many sports), I can take some Aleve and get pretty quick relief.

    Hope to see you working on another String-Along soon.

  3. Really sorry to hear about your joints. Keep warm! And have great holiday season!

  4. That's really rough. I hope that you find some relief soon.

  5. Anonymous5:41 AM

    Have you been tested for Lymes disease?