March 15, 2013

The Eyes Have It

Too much excitement came in the door yesterday.  Contemporary Geometric Beadwork, along with two pairs of old French doll eyes arrived from Kate McKinnon. Stacked on top of that box was a box of beads from a Tucson Vendor.

OK, I held off opening the book til bed time and then enjoyed burning some midnight oil with a well organized, information stuffed, beadwork overloaded book. There is so much there that it's hard to figure out if I want to do some of it, and if so, where to start?

This was one of those strange impulse buys.  The eyes are neat and they open and close.  The mechanism is weighted to make them work right, however it makes them too heavy to incorporate into beadwork.  They are too small to be shelf  knick-knackery.

So, for the time being.... 
Here's looking at you.... creatively!

I had seen a photo of these daggerless daggers and asked one of the Tucson Vendors to bring me 1/2 mass of them.  Then the beads went missing and never made it to Tucson.  They had to wait til they got back home to send them on to me.  I think they will work beautifully in bead crochet.  As you can see, they are the same size as these gold medium daggers, just not a flared dagger shape.  These are the only beads I've seen in this shape.  One could hope to see more and especially in opaque primary colors.....

What do you think?


  1. I came soooo close to snagging a set of those eyes for myself, but I resisted the urge (I have too much random weird stuff already). They do look cool, and I'd probably still be trying to figure out how to work them into a beady creation somehow... :D

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