December 15, 2005

Home for the Winter

Day 13:
It seems like it takes forever to drive across West Texas.

This boat on the highway amused me as I followed it for awhile. No large body of water in sight!

Good driving weather for the 534 miles from Gilmer to Monahans; shower and fall into bed at a motel.

Day 14:
I kept seeing house sized things in the far fields and it finally dawned on me that they were huge bales of cotton. I guess you could call it a Southwestern snowfall as the sides of the roads had fluffy white cotton residue on the edges.

Once I get over these mountains and turn left I'll be in Tombstone, Arizona and home for the winter months. It was 541 miles in and out of the overcast and sunshine.

I'll take a week to unload, put the beads away, sort, re-stock pantry, catch up with friends and then celebrate the holidays with my siblings and friends.

As a curiosity..... Bev, Marcie and I all met over the internet and then found that we all had siblings in Arizona within 20 miles of where I settled. What are the odds of that happening? Also.... I went to a girls boarding school north of Chicago and now my High School roommate and I winter 2 houses away from each other. Small world and getting smaller every day.


  1. I love those cotton bales in the fields after they are baled. It is a funny site to see the semi's hauling flat beds of cotton too. It won't be long and the beadtrekers will be following your beaten path to Tombstone for the Gem show. My favorite time of the year.

  2. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Hi Judith! I've been wondering if you're okay. Glad to hear you're busy having fun. I so envy you getting to live in Arizona in the winter. I hate cold! Though it hasn't been too bad here yet. I was on a cruise with my 22 year old niece the week that it snowed here.

    Linda in Skiatook, OK