January 2, 2006

Arizona Sunsets & "Sleeve Art"

I have not had any time to devote to beading or even to continue exploring felting since I arrived in Tombstone this year. Between the beautifully warm weather, holidays and things that had to get done there just hasn't been any creative time. The sunset photo is from my back porch on New Year's day. I sat outside in my shirt sleeves, in my rocker and just watched the colors change.

I did manage to visit the Gallery in Bisbee that carries my work and showed off what I'd been doing with wool felting. If you are in Bisbee AZ visit TWIST, where "Art is not a thing, it is a way." Sally, the owner is a fabulous paper artist and carries an eclectic mix of handcrafted art. She was so excited with my felted objects that she wanted everything as well as a workshop in the basics of felting.

This is now a major problem as I don't like to do workshops without examples to show participants. So, I visited a couple of thrift stores and came away with a couple of wool garments that could be taken apart and felted. Being the Southwest, there is very few 100% wool anything. You are seeing the beginnings of another felted "Sleeve Art" purse. This time I decided to try needle felting directly onto the felted sleeve. It's working quite nicely, but I am going to have to line the purse as I don't like the "fuzzies" showing inside. I think this one is bright enough!

Basics of Wool Felting Workshop:

Wednesday - Jan. 25th from 1pm to 5pm
At Bead Line Studios, Tombstone AZ
Cost $60

Learn the basics of felting with wool in a 4 hour workshop. You will practice with felting needles on a small square of pre-felted wool and then learn to make wet felted balls. The workshop supplies (included in the price) will be enough to complete an 18" Ball Necklace.

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  1. At least you're making felted beads among the other things, LOL.

    I'm going to have trouble getting back to beading after the Syracuse trip, my "studio" is full of bags from stuff I got while away.

    Meanwhile, sometime this week you may get a picture in e-mail of several yarns to pick from. :)