January 3, 2007

Shoe Fetish Virus

Judith's feet are not going to be very happy! She just got them these strange looking new shoes. Judith was told, in no uncertain terms that she could not walk the desert anymore or get on the back of a motorcycle in flip-flops. So she went down to Sister Tina's antique store for advice. Tina looked around and found this pair of boots and gave them to her! Tina wanted her sister to be prepared and she got a kick out of making Judith try on boots and listen to her complain. Judith now has 8 pairs of flip-flops, 1 pair of tennis shoes and these *^#$ boots in her closet. Judith's feet are not gonna be happy at all! Can you catch a shoe fetish virus from your two Sisters who each own well over 60 pairs of shoes/boots? I sure hope not. Will they look strange under linen pants or dresses? Will they make me a better beader?
Judith's usual footwear 360 days of the year! The other 5 days they sport socks.

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