January 22, 2007

Snow in Tombstone

Someone lend me a snow shovel!!

Socks, yes ~ Shoes, maybe .... the snow is getting deeper, however I just may stay in the house today!

The other day when I said it was pretty, I didn't expect Mother Nature to listen to me and send 6" more snow. Once is an event here in the Arizona desert, twice is downright annoying.

The Tombstone hills at daybreak.

The view to the East from my kitchen window.

The back porch just looks chilly, not as inviting as when I arrived in December.

.... This is the most snow I've had since I started coming to Tombstone six years ago. Tucson is reporting that it's the most snow there since 1971. Enough........ give me back my Arizona weather, not the New Hampshire weather I thought I left behind.


  1. Strange to think that Arizona has more snow than Detroit.

  2. Get some socks on those feet!!
    I love the pictures of your house with the snow. I couldn't imagine sitting outside on the porch and beading with all that snow!!

  3. ...and I just had a friend point out to me that I went from "Oh Wow - snow" to "Enough - snow" in almost exactly 48 hours. P.S. I'm now wearing socks with my flip-flops!