January 23, 2007

Socking turn of events

OK , it's time to wear socks. As a friend pointed out.... Tombstone AZ has now had more snow than my home in New Hampshire and I went from "oh, wow, picture pretty snow" to "enough snow & cold already" in just 48 hours!
Creativity Notes:

My netted skullcap is in it's 3rd iteration and this one looks like it will work. Now I'm going to add 3 rows of bead crochet netting and a smaller crocheted band to the bottom edge. However, this is only prototype #1.
This whole project is solving a problem for a friend who rides a motorcycle and wants a summer riding cap to keep his hair from blowing. Seems the netted skull cap just isn't different enough. I'll finish the netted cap, but I'm now working on prototype #2; a peyote beaded band (flames, of course) that would have a crocheted back area (like a scarf) with ties on the ends of the band that would tie over the scarf portion at the back of the neck. I'm thinking it will be heavier than would be practical.... we'll see!

1 comment:

  1. You and I both know well - multiple attempts are a crucial part of the creative process! Looks like you're doing as well as I am at closing in on the final product, though.

    I'm working on the turtleneck itself now - just have to remember to put in the orange stripe somewhere in the last couple of inches. Then I knit the front down about 3 inches, et voila!