May 24, 2008

Northern USA

I'm in Idaho, about half way from AZ to NH. We've driven through AZ, NV, CA, OR, WA, and into ID... how's that for ABC's? Now it's time to start going East.....

We've traveled the winding cliffs of California's coast
Highway 1, driven down Lombard street in San Francisco,

through a huge redwood tree and down the

Columbia River gorge through a damp, mossy rain forest.

What beautiful, ever changing, scenery!

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  1. Anonymous9:49 AM

    Hey Judith: it is soooo goood to hear from you : ) I recognize "most" of the pic's you have posted - you ARE having fun aren't you ?? : )
    Know you are thought of and wished a safe, happy and fun-filled day-trip-season : ) Come home to AZ sooooooooon : )
    Love & Blessings, Sandra in AZ