May 4, 2008

Thank You Robin

The end of April I had the pleasure of joining several ladies for a bead cave in Payson AZ. They had seen some finger weaving that I had done and wanted to try it. I grabbed Robin Atkins' book, Beaded Treasures, wrote up a materials list and facilitated a great day of finger weaving.

Lauren and I made bracelets, hers in all shades of red and mine in Lucite with faceted gemstone roundels. Every once in a while I manage to make what I saw in my mind when I bought the beads. I went to Maine last year and bought vintage Lucite beads. Just see how nicely the project finally turned out (bottom bracelet).

Jo went drawer diving and was using every largish bead she could find (including plastic) to create a very large tassel.... or was it going to be a wind chime? Whatever you call it, it turned out big, brash and in-your-face bold.

Drawer Diving: a drawer full of leftover or otherwise discarded beads. All participants bring contributions to throw into the pot. Then everybody can pick out beads that might work for their own project.

Pam's work is always meticulous, but selecting the right color combinations for her bracelet became the focus of her beading time. Sometimes you just have to stop and fondle the beads! Don't we all know how that is?

Sandra also decided to make a tassel and chose soft colors. I'm sure we'll see more finger woven elements in her paper work. She makes the most beautiful books and bead embroidered pieces.

Crystal thought she had brought enough neutral colored beads to make a tassel, but had to drawer dive several times to make her earthy piece full enough to look right. I enjoyed the ethnic look as a contrast to the fanciful colored pieces.
Marque kept saying, "no, I'm not going to do that"! We knew that at some point she just wouldn't be able to resist. Capiz shell flowers, long bamboo beads and an assortment of over-large plastic components made a wind chime with the most unusual, soft tones.
Once again, Thank You Robin for writing the book and sharing with us a technique that gave our group so much enjoyment.
And Thank You, Jo for hosting a beautiful, relaxing weekend of beading amoungst friends.


  1. Anonymous1:53 PM

    Hi Judith: thank you sooo much for posting all the beautiful pictures. I got pictures of "us" but none of our projects : ) they are all sooooo precious. and thank you sooo much for showing us the way, as always, you are the bestest !!!!
    LOve & Blessings, Sandra : )

  2. Oooooh! You can't imagine how thrilled I am to read this post!!!!

    What you did - sharing and helping each other to learn and explore the possibilities of finger weaving - is EXACTLY what I hoped would happen as I wrote the book. Your work is fabulous... all of you are on your way to endless possibilities for this technique! Bravo!

    Happy weaving, drawer diving and treasure using...

    Robin A.

  3. Anonymous7:57 PM

    Judith...what a great weekend it was. It is always so great when you get to join us! Yes, I will be weaving again....

    Thanks for the nice pictures...I had no idea you had even taken them.

    What a hoot to hear from Robin herself!!!

    Hope to see you again real soon.

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