May 27, 2008

Believe me....

I really do have the 250# of beads in that little trailer for my personal use!

Coming back into the US from Canada we got stopped and searched by customs. They didn't understand why one person would have that many beads and not be a reseller. About an hour of unloading clothing and bead bags along with, "you don't sell them?" - "you don't do shows and sell beads?" - "Did you buy them in Canada for resale in the USA?" "Well, what do you do with that many beads?" I finally dug out a copy of my books and my train case of bead crochet samples and showed them just what I did do with all of those beads.... and they finally believed me.

Now I ask you, does a beader ever have too many beads and is a couple hundred pounds of beads unreasonable to have for personal use?

Anyhow, no photos to share right now, however we're in Butte MT for the night and plan on doing some sight seeing tomorrow. I guess I just have an affinity for Copper Mining Towns. Growing up as the daughter of an international copper mining engineer must have left the smell & taste of copper in my blood.

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  1. That would be a can never have too many beads!!