November 8, 2008

errand finds

Friday was errand day in the big city. I stopped into JoAnn's for two things; fray check and cotton crochet thread. I should have known better as I had to take a look at buttons and cruise their bead aisle.

I found these wonderful packs of matte square plastic buttons in great happy colors. I'm thinking that they would make another light weight finger woven bracelet. What a neat contrast of the suppleness of the technique and the graphic squareness of the buttons. Adding a small chain of beads between the holes on the top would add just that hint of a sparkle to the whole bracelet. Yep, 4 packets went into my basket!

The button aisle yielded a few that will work as a toggle style closure for any beaded bracelet. These are nicely made metal buttons and have a bit of style to them.

As I was walking out I spotted a clearance rack of Blue Moon items at the end of the bead aisle. I'm not really a chain person, but have been admiring Steam Punk creations. Nicely antiqued gray metal chain for $1.99/45 inches was a great bargain. "Four, they only have four packets.... well I guess that will have to do as I'm really not sure just what I'll do with it."

I have a Friend who has decided to de-clutter and possibly lean towards minimalist living. She now only buys exactly what she needs for a single project. Her husband mentioned to me that he and the cats were beginning to worry about having anything to sit on.
Funny thing is ... if I thought up a project and only bought what I needed .... the project would never get done and I'd miss 90% of my best creative ideas. When I go shopping I can never find exactly what I'm seeing in my head (unless its Kleenex). Days, even months go by until the right component shows up for a partially finished project. A good example is my red tiger eye necklace. My best work happens serendipitously when beads and components end up on my work table and scream at me ..."we belong together!"
So, the crochet cotton, Fray Check and my other finds all went into my basket and will now be sorted into my supply boxes. The chain is creatively flung onto my work table as I think it may become a necklace right quick. I have a baggie of other project remains as well as broken bits of antique jewelry that just might become an asymmetrical Steam Punkish necklace.
Do you let your supplies tell you what they want to become? Or, do you start with an idea and then find or purchase what you need?

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