November 2, 2008

Late Haloween Project

I guess this comes under the heading of, PLAN AHEAD!

..... for next Halloween, that is.

or... better late than never...

I had wanted to get this up before Halloween, but somehow life threw me a couple of curves as well as a phlegmy head cold. I got these beautiful matte orange lentils from Bead Cats a couple of years ago and they just screamed Halloween to me. By the way, Bead Cats has long been my source for lentils as they seem to have the widest choice of colors of any one out there.

The Flat Caterpillar bracelet is one of my favorite bead crochet techniques because of the supple feel to them. This one has been a particular favorite because of the color contrast and always seems to draw the notice of other people.


To celebrate the season ...

...late for 2008 and early for 2009,

here is a free Bead Crochet
pattern for you to try.

It's in a JPEG format, which makes it a wee bit fuzzy when printed. Just click on the photo for a full size version, then right click and select print.

I used a vintage, orange Bakelite button for the clasp, however any button would work. How about one of the candy corn buttons I've seen this year in the stores?


  1. Anonymous4:25 AM

    Hi Judith,

    Thank you for loading up this little beauty, and for the head's up on your lentil source -- I love lentils with the flat caterpillar!

    I'm sorry you have a nasty cold and hope you can kick it soon. I swear by Nyquil and Robitussin DM. They won't shorten a cold but at least you can breathe and sleep.

    Life in general has been rough here, so I haven't given the bead program the workout I'd wanted to give it, but I hope to be able to try it in the next two weeks.

    Again, thanks for sharing!


  2. This is so cool-I love the textures and colours together. What a really wow statement! Thank you for the tutorial/pattern. I will have to play with this. Loads of beady hugs - Ginger