November 26, 2008

a NH ending

It's Time ... shut things down in New Hampshire, pack the car and head for Arizona.
Tomorrow we celebrate Thanksgiving and an early Christmas with my Son's family. My Granddaughter and I had fun this afternoon making pies. It's already snowed and we've had a week of temperatures in the teens and twenties. My friends in AZ tell me it's been enjoyable 70 degree weather out there. Friday I'll clean off the work tables and get all the beads packed away and ready for their journey west.
If all goes well, we should be on the road Sunday morning. Maybe I'll have time and inclination to post while traveling. If not, look for a post on the trip later in December.
the photo... well, I just got a new camera and had to try it out. The detail is fantastic of a box of finished bead items and broken vintage beads that is sitting on my work table.
Have a very Happy Thanksgiving
and think of the small things each of us/you has to be thankful for.

1 comment:

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Bob.
    I am so thankful for our friendship.
    Travel safe. I will be looking forward to hearing from you a long the way.