February 20, 2009

Beading Color Choices

In between building projects, I've been trying to update and pull together an old workshop from 2001. I was asked to come up with something that a novice beader could accomplish in about 4 hours. The written materials needed very little work, but I no longer have any samples left.

I've laid out materials for two different bracelets and now need to get them worked up. The pink and green crystals will have a certain Spring-like bling. The other combination is more earthy and Fallish. I am thinking that I would like to foster some creative color choices with this workshop. If I have time I might make a third sample in crayon brights.

The boards I did for my building project came out such a nice color. Now I'm wondering what plain wooden beads might look like if soaked in the rusty vinegar solution. I could see them paired with old keys and other assorted vintage looking components.

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