February 20, 2009

boards in the bath

My Arizona building project is coming along, although a bit slower than I planned. I had to stop and find an old-school stucco guy as all of a sudden parts of the back garage wall went "whuuump" and the top layer of stucco fell off.

To top off the supply problem, every building supply place closer than half a day's drive was out of semi-transparent stain. I looked at plywood siding and fake plywood siding and hated the look of all of it. Yetch, it just didn't look right - not with a 100+ year old adobe. Then I saw wide, rough cut, cedar fence boards. They looked right. A bit of research on the Internet turned up the fact that rusty steel wool swished around in vinegar produced a liquid that turned cedar a weathered gray-brown.

As it was too windy and cold outside, I tested the rusty vinegar stain out in the bathroom. I liked what I saw and here is what it produced - aged, old-looking boards. Sixty one boards later, I had siding that really looked right. Coming up with an outside finish for the enclosed porch has been almost as difficult as picking beads for a project.


What do you think?

Looks like it's been there a lot longer than 24 hours.


  1. 61 boards? The thought of that much vinegar.....

  2. You're certainly keeping busy! That siding looks great, and vinegar is such a cheap product that the weathered look almost cost nothing but the labor. Good job!

  3. brilliant!!! I think it looks great!
    Cheers, denise