February 6, 2009

Tucson Gem Shows #2

Yesterday I went to the Best Bead Show and the Grant Inn Wholesale show with Ken, my programmer partner. I forgot to take my camera! Nothing new and different to report. It was interesting to watch Ken search out even smaller sizes of black and white beads for a project that he wants to try. He actually bought antique size 24/0 beads to bead crochet with. I'll believe it when I actually see a rope with beads that small.

I did get to look at some of the new 15/0 Delicas. Not for me, but if you want even more definition in some patterns, they would be just perfect. I believe they come in around 100+ colors.

I guess I need to have my eyes checked before I take any more chances on off-brand beads. I was repacking the Chinese beads I bought on Monday when I noticed a fine powder in the tubes. Closer inspection showed them to be a red color-lined and not the two-toned glass that I had thought them to be. The color lining is rapidly coming out of the hole and soon they will be just a transparent green bead. Oh well, $4 is a cheap lesson in looking more closely at a product. Anyone want some really cheap beads?

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