July 18, 2009

Art Bead needed

I've had this project sitting in the background for a couple of years now and have not come up with a focal bead(s) to finish what I see in my mind.

I love the colors in these birds by H.G.L Reichenbach. Several years ago I purchased 6 mm dotted black & white glass beads that when crocheted into a rope remind me of the rooster plumage.

What I have not been able to find is an Art bead or beads in the red, yellow and maybe blue colors that would compliment the crocheted rope.
It needs to be big, bold and bright. It (or they), along with the black & white rope need to give one the feel of the rooster in colors.
I could use one large center bead or a center bead and two slightly smaller beads in glass or polymer clay. Large holes (8 mm to 10 mm) would be a plus but are not necessary.
Is anyone up to the challenge? I'd need digital submissions if you think you have something that would work.

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