January 26, 2010

Where the Cows Vacation

Down in southern Arizona, near the Mexican border I found the palatial resort where the cows go to vacation.

Driving down a dusty back road we rounded a large sized hill and saw this deserted hacienda in the middle of nowhere. It was in front of a limestone quarry/plant that didn't appear to be operational.

We had to stop as the scene was just surreal. Gorgeous architectural 30's estate with big palm trees, the remains of swimming pool, out buildings and what was left of another era's high style was now a cow pasture. We joked about finding a secret vacation spot for the cows. The gray bull just stood there and only turned his head as if to say, "what are you doing disturbing my peace?"
To finish this little side trip......
I hope this man at Home Depot doesn't have any really huge building projects.

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