February 16, 2010

Get Creative with: heshi/sequins/old records

These African "beads" just fascinated me. I'm told that they are made from old vinyl records. The strands by themselves are interesting and, in their own way, decorative, hang- on-the-wall pieces. After sorting through the piles at several Gem Show booths, I figured out that the stripped ones were fairly rare. I bought a couple of strands and then became intrigued as to their possibility as bead embroidery sequins. So I went back and bought more strands. I kept thinking that they would be such an earthy contrast to the glitzy normal sequins. Now I have more than I might possibly use in several lifetimes. Just like all my other beads!

OK, here's the deal ......
I'm going to do a Blog Giveaway
of 2 small packets of mixed disks in return for ideas of how you would use them. Just make a comment with your ideas on this blog post.


#1 - will be to the commenter with the most
interesting or unusual use for these things.
Totally my opinion/choice.

#2 - will be to a randomly selected commenter on my blog.

Time frame will be from now to Noon (AZ time) Monday, Feb. 22, 2010.
Just remember that I will need a way to get in touch with you if you post anonymously.

International commentors are OK, but it might take awhile to reach you if you win.
I'll post the results sometime on Monday afternoon, Feb 22nd.
If I have no acknowledgement from you with your mailing address, I'll pick the next person in line on Tuesday.

I need to share out some of this stuff I collected at the Tucson Gem Shows ... hopefully I'll also get some ideas that I wouldn't have thought of for using these things. It's also a way to let people know that I've joined Networked Blogs, which is on my sidebar and also available to Facebook friends.


  1. Hi Judith- I think I'd have to create a " Cuff of Diversity! " if I had the sequins. I'd mix them with beads I've collected from Africa, India, Japan, etc.
    The colors would be an explosion with various stitches of embroidery.
    I'd love to try it!

    Kathi Hofferth

  2. I think if I had these beads I would use them as the accent bead in a spiral bracelet. The other beads would be shades of the colors in your beads but plain so that these beads would show up.

  3. I think I would macramé them on simple twine. The discs would stand up on their sides and stick out like spines, in different directions, all the way around. I imagine that they would not be packed in but there would be some overlapping. Maybe a somewhat random but balanced disbursal. The base of the bracelet would protect the wrist.

    Laura Ellum
    Concord, NH

  4. Hi Judith! To me, those disks want to be strung on thread and crocheted into a chain, or plied into my handspun yarn, and woven into an amulet bag. Or a wall hanging if I get really ambitious. The disks make me want to get out my leather punch and go through the recycling bin!

  5. now that's a thought... leather sequins or acetate sequins or anything round from a hole punch.

  6. Well, there's the first step with stitching them on something - even a t-shirt or a baseball cap or a beaded cuff or an Artist Trading Card.

    Then, you could use them as disks in a fringe, say, on the flap of a handbag or a skirt or jacket. Or on the end tassel of a necklace. They'd be great there as you wouldn't have to worry about them clanging against the table, or breaking.

    Bead a bezel around them for a totally different take on bezeled rivolis. The stripes might be really interesting this way. Use them as connectors between other strands in a necklace / bracelet.

    Umm, that's all I can think of for the moment...

  7. I'm seeing wild eyes for knitted (or sewn, or crocheted) monsters. Or sew them all over as striped spots. They'd make great Seussian characters!

    I am also imagining a technique where they can be stitched or jump-ringed together so their flat side makes a sort of open fabric. Like 4-in-1 chainmail, where the rings that lie flat are replaced with these sequins.

  8. Oh, the possibilities are endless. I use sequins in almost all of my bead embroidery and am always looking for different things to use. I've been working on flower brooches, I could see these worked into petals. Or maybe wheels, or eyes. They kinda look like candy too, but then most of my beading supplies look like candy to me. Did I say the possibilities are endless?

  9. Anonymous7:14 AM

    goodness... they are soo unusual that I would put them in a small bowl and fondle them every now and then. I have several bead *bowl* sitting around where spare beads find their way.

  10. With the vinyl discs, I actually see a bead embroidery project in the shape of a 45rpm record, that might be interesting! Good question!