February 5, 2010

Tucson Gem Shows - day3

My sister and I headed out for some power shopping and girl time yesterday. The Holidome Show opened and when we got off the freeway we saw traffic backed up to the freeway in 3 directions. OOPS, we decided it wasn't worth the wait and quickly changed plans.

We stopped at one of the smaller fossil shows to enjoy the sun and look at the neat things.

We did a couple of our favorite shows, buying very little a this year everything seemed to look the same. Nothing new and "oh wow!"
It was still early when we headed home and at the last minute decided to visit the Gem Mall. I had already been but it's always fun to help someone else spend their money. Besides I decided I really liked the Chinese faceted crystal rondells and needed some in a couple of other colors.
I guess everyone was over at the Holidome as it wasn't crowded at all in the Gem Mall. For those of you who have never been to Tucson, this is the smallest of 2 tents in this venue. This tent held 425 vendors and the main tend had 550 vendors. The Gem Mall is one of the "wholesale only" shows. There are around 40 different shows throughout Tucson.
My feet are tired and I'm in sensory overload. I decided to cancel my trip for today and am not sure if I'll do another day or not.

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