February 21, 2010

Tax Man Commeth

.... or, I'd rather be beading ....
OK, it's time to clear the decks (ummm, my bead table) as the Tax man commeth and I've not yet sorted a year's worth of receipts. Be warned - grumpy/grouchy will be my nature til it's done.

Beading is my pleasure, but it's also my business and the IRS does require me to keep records. However they have nothing to say about procrastination. Every year I vow I'll not let it all pile up til the last possible moment. Every year nothing changes and I'm in the exact same spot - nothing gets done as the year goes along. They seem to have pills for everything today - where's the one for procrastination?

Off I go to to replace the beads on my work table with piles of paper.

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