August 27, 2010

Heeding My Own Advice . .

I got this nice German Profi crochet hook about a year ago and I love using it. It's marked 1,00 which I presume is a 1.0 mm. I've been doing larger 8/0 bead crochet lately and have not been happy with my tension. When I teach and people complain about their tension I tell then to go up/down a hook size and try and change the position of their loops on the shank of the hook.

So today I drug out my old faithful, Susan Bates #11 at 1.15 mm and put both hooks together. Well, no wonder I'm having tension problems.

Look at the difference in head sizes. More importantly, look at the difference in shank sizes where I generally work my loops. When I went back to 11/0 and 10/0 beads my tension was way looser than I wanted it to be. When I swapped back to the Susan Bates hook, all the tension problems went away.

So, I guess I should have taken my own advice. Or at least I should have taken a good look at the hook differences some time ago. These Profi hooks have been discontinued, but I did manage to find one that is more the same size as my Susan Bates.

tension too tight; go up a hook size, or two and/or
try and work your loops back from the hook head.
tension too loose; go down a hook size and/or
try and work your loops closer to the hook head.

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  1. Today was the best. I finally was able to make a bracelet thanks to Judith's instructions, clear instructions on her DVD. Please don't be fooled by other people claiming they have instructional DVD's that will get you through this project. They don't. I also want to thank Judith for the information on the crochet hook sizes. It's made a big difference in my tension. Finally after three months of struggling with Janice Ababanel's DVD I am understanding and enjoying my new adventure in bead crochet. Thanks Judith.