October 17, 2010

Advance Copy - Galley Proof Sale

ADVANCE COPY, Galley Proof Sale

Midnight on Sunday, Oct. 17 through midnight on Sunday, Oct. 31, 2010

(date corrected on 10/18/10)

(November 4, 2010)

Sale is extended until the last 15 copies are sold or I shut down to leave for Arizona.

This will be an emailed PDF copy, only through this BLOG

PayPal will be the only form of payment accepted
now that the e-book has been published the Galley Proof
is now $21

allow 48 hrs. delivery

it's 30 pages

The cover and layout will not be the same as the finished copy. However, all edited content is included. It will contain a special front piece & extra page of design hints with bracelet pattern. Only 50 copies will be sold during this advance sale. It's digitally signed by the author.

More information on the content can be found here.

This book contains a wealth of patterns that run parallel to the length of a rope. It covers the theory of how triangular ropes are designed with well-illustrated examples of each concept.

If you have mastered the basic art of bead crochet, you will want to explore these more advanced slip-stitched concepts.

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