October 29, 2010

I Had Plans . . .

later . . OOPS, new motherboard, etc. Date and clock was wrong! Yea, it's still Friday. Duhhhhh

It's Saturday already and I had plans for a special blog post 2 days ago to celebrate 5 years of this blog. Murphy's Law of Computer failures took care of that plan. I've been without my desktop for several days.

Other than the inconvenience of it all, Lenovo has stood behind their warranty. As of yesterday they have now replaced every danged component in my black desktop except the hard drive. And, I'm going to replace the hard drive myself this winter as I'm running out of storage space. I still think it would have been cheaper for the company to have just given me another computer than have an on-site tech replace components one by one. One more thing goes wrong though, and they're getting it back, in itty, bitty pieces in a great big box!

Book 3 is in it's final editing round. It's looking good for the eBook to be released before Nov. 15th. I forget just how much work all of this takes and then sitting and waiting for others to do their piece - making me look good, real good.

Keep an eye on this blog for the announcement.

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