July 10, 2011

A Summer Sunday

I'm not a morning person, but this morning the birds woke me up at 4:30 AM. Boy, can they be loud at that time of the morning. Now that the sun is fully up, It's a perfect New Hampshire Summer morning, in the 70's with bright sun, a slight breeze and I enjoyed a cup of coffee sitting on the edge of the deck this morning.

The common orange day lilies that I transplanted a couple of years ago have decided to put on a spectacular show this Summer. They are almost as tall as I am this year.

We're going to sort of play hooky today, go for a Sunday drive and enjoy some scenery. The real reason for getting out is to go look at a replacement for our little trailer that got crunched on the trip East this year. It really became a total disaster (kindling?) after the big propane truck practically backed over it a couple of weeks ago. Do you know how hard it is to turn up a small enclosed trailer that a Honda Element can easily tow in this land of snowmobiles, motorcycles and chainsaws.... ?

In between yard, getting a kitchen counter installed, and having half a kitchen piled in my studio, I've been doing a bit of bead embroidery. Small scale bead embroidery is quick and also instant gratification. I started beading with this technique and still enjoy the freedom of letting a design just flow. It's so different from bead crochet, where everything is planned out before you ever even pick up a hook.

Enjoy your Summer Sunday, where ever you might be. May it be as nice as it is here.


  1. Oh my gosh... this little guy is SO wonderful!!!!!!!!
    Peg Montieth www.CraftEdu.com

  2. Hey lady... teach us this ! :D
    Peg Montieth www.craftedu.com