July 27, 2011

Urban Stripes ~ 2nd Section

The pattern for the next section has been worked out and after one false start with black matte beads, I changed my mind and went for some nice Toho nickle plated 8's I had on hand. They speak to me of shine on RR tracks, chrome building details, and bits of bright metal you see here and there in a large city. I may have to balance this bit of bright with a muted, almost dirty, blue turquoise, on an opposite side.

I've also added 1950's looking orange that tends towards red. I like the shine of the yellow and oranges against the matte dark red and gray.

Always an adventure when you've strung over 36" of beads and go to join them up with the already crocheted rope. Whew! the added in new beads fit into the 1st section of pattern just perfectly. If any of you participating in the String-Along don't know how to join these pieces up, refer to the "Adding in Thread" PDF that You have been sent.

The necklace is now 14" long and beginning to show it's promise. One of the participants who does not Blog or do FaceBook was talking to me about using a brick color for the background. It makes sense if you live in a New England Mill town; blocks and blocks of multi-storied brick mill buildings sitting along the river.

I've a glimmer of an idea for the next section; tire tracks or even RR tracks. A section with repeating short parallel lines. Wonder if it will work?

Weaveabead's black & white color combination is another interpretation of the theme that I like. Especially the black striped white beads. Very minimalist, but effective.

(Photo by Karen)

The Project Itself:

I originally said I'd release a section a week. I'm going to change that schedule as I've been told I need to have Cataract surgery. Wondering what my colors will look like after that? My first appointment is September 1st, so I would like to have all the pieces done by then. Some of you are fast with the hook, some of you are dusting off rusty bead crocheting skills and others are working around life schedules. Please, work at a pace that is comfortable and fits your own time frame. No one is pushing anyone to finish, finish, finish. Save the PDF files, print them out and take the time you need. This is sort of an experiment, follow-the-leader game, just for fun.


  1. Anonymous9:32 AM

    Sorry to hear about the reason for the push to release the patterns faster. DH recently had it done and it went well for him, pray that it goes as well for you.
    With that said, I am one of those that grabs onto the pattern and doesn't put the hook down until it's done, so I'm very happy with the change in release plans! I am loving this!!!

  2. Sorry to hear about the op. I just got out after having the hardware removed from my arm (I broke it in March) I hope yours goes well too. I've started Urban Stripes, am feeling a bit iffy about palette, but have posted pics at http:www.MysticDrift.com