July 22, 2011

String-Along - colors

Picking bead colors for the Urban Stripes String-Along is almost more difficult than sitting down and coming up with pattern ideas. I pulled beads, put beads away, changed my mind and tried different ones. Then I discovered that I really didn't have a green turquoise or a Chinese red that I liked. Two Hundred lbs. of beads sitting on my back wall and I don't have the right size 8/0 colors? Thank heavens for Caravan Beads, they ship quickly and Priority mail to me is only a day.

Sign ups, questions and excitement is happening for this experimental project. I think it is going to be fun seeing what a diverse range of beaders does with it. One of the things I get out of the project is some structure. I still get to think in small increments of what is pleasing in that very moment, but will have to document just what I am doing or did. Too often I design as I string and it is more than difficult to reverse engineer the piece to publish a pattern. I also get to see the patterns evolve in different colors.

Join In:

You have til Wednesday, July 27, 2011 to sign up and pick out your beads for this String-Along. Come join us and make a bead crocheted necklace in under two months. More information is here.... (click)


  1. Are there patterns out there for knitters who want to bead?

  2. Yes, you might want to try some of Cindy's great bead knitted things.

    I know there are others too.