October 29, 2011

Making Do when Winter arrives

My third Urban Stripes necklace is coming along quite nicely now. I am going to finally run out of the gray background beads so this one will not be a doubled-around-the-neck rope. However, It will go nicely with the other two. I did do some planning before I went and had my eyes (cataracts) fixed. I knew there would be a space of time before I could see clearly once again. I can crochet pretty much by feel and figured if I had enough bead crochet strung, I could at least keep my hands busy. If my hands aren't busy, then I get bored and you can only listen to so many books on tape.

Mother Nature threw us a surprise here in New Hampshire. One day it was a nice Fall day and the next morning Winter had arrived with cold and an inch or so of snow. They are saying we will get another 5" this weekend. This just a bit too early for an accumulation of the wintry white stuff. I'm ready to head for Arizona, but there is still too much to do before we can pack the car and go. November 15th, or thereabouts is the schedule for leaving.

The furnace is running and I'm thinking about baking something to warm up. I'm making do with a borrowed pair of glasses to be able to see the computer screen while my eyes heal and settle into their final vision. Funny thing is that back in the 70's I actually wore glasses that were almost as big as these are. Not a big fashion statement here! At one time that would have bugged the heck out of me, but somehow age tends to put function and comfort ahead of what one looks like.

Now I need to start cleaning up the studio, putting things away and organizing the beads for traveling. I'm starting to do some research for the New Year's String-Along. I know what shape the rope is going to take (60"+ long) and I think the theme will be Native Stripes. I have quite a collection of South American native textiles and am wondering if the geometric and animal figures will transfer to a bead crocheted rope. If I expand the theme to include Navajo rugs, then there is a nice choice of colors... from brights to muted monochromatic. I'll be on the look out as we travel west for inspirational photo opportunities.


  1. Hi Judith, Glad you are feeling better. Love the idea of Native Stripes for the New Year rope - So many colors to choose from.

  2. Oooooh another string along. Can't wait. Glad you are doing better.

  3. I'm With Terri - love the idea of another string-along series.

  4. Judith, that sounds like a great idea for the string along. I would love to get a few of the animal shapes on the necklace. Glad you are feeling better and your vision is returning to a better state. We are having a summer day here in Eastern Oregon, not sure about the rest of the state...it normally rains on the Western side. 57 and Sunny here.

  5. toni fine1:06 AM

    Greetings from unseasonably warm UK. SO glad eyes are improving. Loving making Urban Stripes from ebook which dovetailed so well with your other ebooks which I love. Really excited about new String Along....can I puleeeeeez get onto the real thing when it happens???
    Safe trip West